Assessments for Learning

I developed the following assessments for various books and organizations. Many were originally published in Learn More Now (Wiley, 2004), which also contains assessments on observation and collaboration styles.

Learning Styles Assessment
This easy to use inventory can help you assess your own approach to learning and how you take in information. I also have available an introduction to learning stylesan excerpt from chapter two on learning styles from Learn More Now, and a blog post offering my perspective on the value of learning styles entitled, “Learning Styles Gold.” This assessment will soon be available in several languages.

Motivation Styles Assessment
This straightforward assessment can help you determine what drives you to action and what’s the reason behind why you want to learn. I also have available an introduction to motivation styles.

Direction Style Assessment
This short checklist can help you identify if you prefer to learn from the big-picture or in a more detailed way.

Engagement Style Assessment
This simple quiz can help you determine how you prefer to engage with others when you learn.

From Creating a Learning Culture: Strategy, Technology, and Practice (Cambridge University Press, 2004)

Learning Culture Audit
This self-audit describes the characteristics of cultures that encourage learning and those that block learning. It can help you assess how you are doing as a leader of a learning culture and your organization’s orientation to learning.

I developed this assessment for the Online University Consortium[

Online Degree Program Assessment
This online assessment will help students determine if they have an aptitude for web-based learning.

photo credit: Joan M.Mas, Communication