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Our wellbeing as a civilization depends on our ability to creatively respond to profound challenges. As society outgrows its systems, it’s easy to fall into the trap of false hopelessness. It’s easy to feel stuck in our desk drawers as we search for solutions and tools. Yet amid this status quo feel, I’ve grown weary of easy. I’ve learned to sidestep complicated, yet lean into complexity–the fundamental science that manages the birds and the bees. I believe we need to realign with who we are, why we’re here, and what we require to feel not full as much as fulfilled.

New forces have begun aligning today around society’s great challenges: human, economic, educational, and environmental. Like you, I’m in pursuit of meaningful progress, with good faith and honesty, girded by what I know we are capable of doing right now. When we assemble all that is going on at the edges of culture, technology, and (dare I say) business, we find a wildly hopeful view of the future. People doing extraordinary things, on a human scale, that has the potential to change everything for the better. This is my mission. This website is my launch point. THIS is your invitation to join me in the pursuit of extraordinary.

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