Let’s Talk About What Matters

For public and private events, I focus attention on the unspoken truths maintaining the status-quo, providing a vision for a better future. I ask fundamental questions that few people have the courage to ask, let alone unravel with compassion. Together we move from the view at 36,000 feet all the way down to step-by-step approaches, based on people’s openness to change, always focusing on specific needs.

I’ve spoken at intimate dinner parties, national summits, and, once even at the Hollywood Bowl. I’ve addressed publishers, investors and VCs, school principals, graduate students, and middle schoolers, social entrepreneurs, technologists, marketers, government agencies, realtors, bankers, and many other groups.

My speaking style is vibrant, humorous, energetic, and personal. I customize every talk to the listeners’ unique needs and adjust during the presentation to ensure comprehension along the way. I’ve been known to elicit tears, whoops, and even organizational change at the deepest levels.

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