Take a few minutes to complete the following questionnaire to assess your preferred direction style. Compare the two side-by-side responses and circle the statement that applies to you right now. Count the number of circled items and write your total at the bottom of each column.

I focus on the big picture.I skip around when reading a book.I like a holistic approach.I like to take breaks.I generalize.I prefer informal structures.I tackle many projects simultaneously.I like a multidisciplinary approach.

I like to look at the overall effect.

I like to synthesize.

I tend to look at themes.

Global Learner Total:  

I focus on the details.I take things in sequential order.I like to make successive tries.I like to be persistent.I like to talk specifics.I prefer formal design.I pursue one project at a time.I like to focus on a single discipline.

I like to look at specific parts.

I like to analyze.

I tend to look at the particulars.

Linear Learner Total:  

The column with the highest total represents your direction style.

My direction style is  .

If you’re a global learner, you like to see the big picture before you begin looking at the details. To other people, it sometimes seems that you ignore the details, when actually you’re looking for the bigger ideas—and you have no way of making sense of the details if you don’t understand the overall concept first.

If you’re a linear learner, you appreciate a step-by-step build of information, in a certain sequence and you like each step to follow logically from the previous one. You probably prefer facts and statistics to help you decide whether you want to learn more.

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