Shift the World


SHIFTSummit Closing Keynote by Marcia Conner

At the inaugural SHIFT Summit for “21st century explorers, I closed the event with a talk about why we each need to spend time shifting the world. Everyone around us. The systems we rely on. The communities we live in.

We need to be different human beings in order to provide something different to the world. That requires both a big shift in thinking and a shift in behavior, taking action once we see clear of old mental biases we’ve been dragging around for too long.

While this video is more than a few minutes long (about 25 minutes), I promise you’ll find it worthwhile. Besides, the world needs your help and this will help you wrap your head around new thoughts. I have no doubt you’re ready to make the shift.

It’s time.

On June 10-11, 2014, a group of 21st-century explorers gathered in Mountain View, California for an immersive experience to update their thinking for a digital age. Our Guides gave short talks to spark the conversation on shifts happening for markets, organizations, and people.