Make ripples, make waves, make something extraordinary.

Our wellbeing as a civilization depends on how creatively we respond to profound challenges. As society outgrows its systems and we search for a path through, it’s easy to feel powerless.

Amid the nonsense of the status quo, I’ve grown weary of quick fixes. I’ve learned to seek out real complexity–the fundamental science of the birds and the bees, the nature of things. I align meaning with progress, and good faith with honesty, inspired by what I know we can do right now.

When we assemble at the edges of culture, technology, and (dare I say) business, we can access the potentional for a remarkable future. People doing extraordinary things, on a human scale, that can change everything for the better.

This is my mission. This website is my launch point. I invite you to join me in the pursuing the extraordinary.

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Advice without Bullshit

Advice without Bullshit

I advise leaders, confidentially, across the globe. Overhear an employee say that work sucks and silently agree? Maybe the board meeting next month will be disastrous without extreme changes your team’s unequipped for. Big train wrecks or little aggravations, I’ve helped leaders at all levels work through difficult situations with confidence that comes from aligning with someone who has advised hundreds of organizations in more of a mess than you. Just call. We will figure it out together.

Candid Keynotes

Candid Keynotes

For public and private events, I focus attention on the unspoken truths maintaining the status-quo, providing a vision for a better future. I ask fundamental questions few people have the courage to ask, let alone unravel with compassion. Together we move from the view at 36,000 feet all the way down to step-by-step approaches. I’ve spoken at intimate dinner parties, national summits, conferences, meetings, schools, and once even at the Hollywood Bowl.

Change Making

Change Making

Few people believe their work created society’s chaos, yet amid such disrepair can all of us be blameless? For years I’ve challenged leaders to reimagine the bottom line to dramatically improve the world. If your next horizon involves making an impact to create a world we can be proud to live in, I have a track record igniting work that matters, will-building, and applying complexity science to organizational growth. If you are looking to rewrite the rules of business-as-usual, I’d welcome pitching in.

Random Facts

This isn't my first rodeo. I've been at this change stuff for a long time.


Who Me?

About Marcia

About Marcia

Blank Page Systems Architect

What others have said…

Want to thrive in today’s world of constant change and complexity? Adopt Marcia Conner’s grounded approach.

John Seely Brown Co-Chair Deloitte’s Center for the Edge and Former Director Xerox PARC

Marcia is an accessible genius. Pragmatic to her core, and a true visionary, Marcia leads and team plays with equal grace. She knows how to strategically apply effort (her own or her team's) to maximize the end result. I have had the privilege of working with Marcia and would work with her or invest my 401K in a Conner-led company, without hesitation.

Allison Scott Majure Director of Communications, New Mexico Environment Department

Marcia's grasp of what organizations need is excellent and challenged us to create solutions that are adaptable to everyone we serve, not just those who are the loudest.

Kevin Bruny SPHR, Chief Learning Officer, Chesterfield County Virginia