One fun aspect of rebuilding a website–well, other than the late night cursing at the screen when something doesn’t work, which leads to more hours of cursing at the moon–is that you discover things like “Hello World” blog posts tucked amid the hundreds of other posts you’ve written and that weren’t completed when you originally launched the last version of your website. Oh well.

If you received a notice today saying I have a new post, and then it lead you to this one, hello from my world to yours. You have at some point signed up to be notified of new posts, which there should be more of soon. It still feels to me like I’m updating the site with a new design and information. Look around if you have a moment. Drop me a line. Thanks for joining me, even if this really isn’t my first post.

Marcia Conner
April 30, 2018
Dripping Springs, TX