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Social Business by the Numbers

Seeking the source of a specific statistic that I included in a talk? In followup to my list of websites with data relevant to social business, many people have asked for pointers to interesting data about social media, social business, and engagement. While it’s easy to think of social business as social media-like tools for use...

inside of a company, I mean it to imply the larger opportunity to connect people, information, and actionable insights. That can begin within a company, and often stretches outside any one organization’s walls to connect with the people the business serves. My aim will be to update this list as I discover more numbers that make... [read more]

Social Business by the Numbers

Social Media Demographics: Who Uses Which Sites?

Numerous social media sites have witnessed explosive growth of their user bases in the last several years, but it’s a known fact that the type of user a site attracts varies greatly. Have you ever wondered which sites attract the most educated of social media users, or those that pull in the highest income?...

This graph shows the demographics of the world’s most popular social media sites. From

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